The Storyteller’s Story

It’s all in the delivery.

We just love a good story; a well told punch line. How a message is delivered can make or break an audience's reception.

You have a unique message. You understand your product more than anyone else does, but you may not have the “storytelling gift”. Hey, sometimes it’s hard to toot your own horn. Fortunately, for our clients, we definitely love telling other people’s stories more than our own.

As an interactive agency we excel at communicating our client’s unique messages. The most innovative campaigns for both Traditional and Modern Media rely on cutting edge creative design and technology as well as a classical strategy of market analysis and planning. Whether our clients need a new or refreshed brand identity, a dynamic new website or a powerful targeted interactive web marketing tool we are eager to help make it happen.

Not Lost in Translation

Another part of our storytelling mission is conveying a message that spans cultural and geographical divides and can also tickle the global funny bone. Our clients range in size from smaller local companies who do business right in our own neighborhood to some of the world's largest global corporations. In each case these companies come to us and stay with us for the same reasons. We listen and learn. We've come to understand their needs and the market they want to reach. We work closely with them to build market share, cultivate new market opportunities, and achieve the highest levels of market success in their chosen fields. In short, we pour ourselves into everything we do.

Take a few valuable minutes to view our work and we will show you what we can do as your capable and ready resource for today’s exciting and expanding global marketplace.

In fact here's an example of a story we are helping one of our clients tell.

Interactive Rich Media allows the viewer to choose their own path to the information they want and need. As they view the information that means the most to them our job is to help expose them to new information along the way. In this example RTP, working closely with the client, was able to use a story built on a digital manufacturing metaphor to present the depth and breadth of the Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing suite. This project was delivered in English and seven localized languages including the version below in Japanese.

A key element of the program is the incorporation of a full CMS System for keeping marketing collateral and other marketing assets fresh and up-to-date. The client teams can now add new assets as they are produced and change key messages as their new campaigns come on line, adding value and shelf life to the tool. Of course, we consider ROI as a big part of what gives every story a “happy ending”.

Tecnomatix Rich Media Interactive Campaign-English

Tecnomatix Rich Media Interactive Campaign-Japanese