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What’s the story with business today?

At RTP we bring the age-old power of storytelling into the emerging world of rich media for marketing and branding applications. Interactive web and rich media tools dominate the airwaves and wireless channels today. The future will only provide even larger audiences as broadband and faster wireless networks spawn the next generation of hardware and software for the users, prospects and shoppers of tomorrow.

As an interactive agency, with roots in both the advertising and publishing industries, we can meet the diverse needs of marketers in both the emerging global marketplace and here locally in New England as well. From concept presentations and final print design for the Bank Rhode Island Annual Report to the visually compelling Cross Alert Folder Brochure, and then again in the complex interactive presentations and video animations for Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing and Siemens Healthcare, we synthesize great ideas and targeted creativity in every piece we conceive, design and produce.

Featured Projects

  • Siemens Product Tours Siemens Product Tours
    Your company has an important product and service story to tell and RTP can help you tell it dynamically on several platforms...
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  • Great Space. Less Filling. Great Space. Less Filling.
    How do you help clients maximize space in their trade show booth while letting clients get hands on with their product? Enter the Aptio Automation Experience… Read More >
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