Interactive Rich Media

RTP Interactive Rich MEDIA PROGRAMS:

Are Comprehensive
We create conceptual and strategically relevant marketing tools that meet many needs including but not limited to: key message delivery, product demonstrations, marketing related assets (brochures, white papers, fact sheets, etc.), customer success stories, case studies, contact information and calls to action.

Have a Long Shelf Life
Unlike tangible media like CD-ROMs, DVDs and printed matter many of our programs are built to run dynamically on the web. Updates can be done digitally and efficiently with none of the costs associated with tangible goods.

Use Cutting Edge Technology
All our programs run in a full interactive mode on the web. We also deliver each component part (introduction video, product demonstrations, etc.) as value-added modular assets for repurposing in sales presentations, trade show and seminar presentations, and on corporate websites and other media.

Great Space. Less Filling.


 How do you help clients maximize space in their trade show booth while letting clients get hands on with their product? Enter the Aptio Automation Experience….. Read More > 

Fast and Furious


The client used one word in our initial meeting to communicate what he wanted in this new rich media presentation, SPEED. Read More > 

When Robots Ruled the World


Working closely with the client RTP was able to use a digital manufacturing metaphor to present the depth and breadth of the Tecnomatix suite.

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