UGS Hands-on Test Drive

After working with the client for several years on high level rich media product marketing tools for their mid-market CAD tool Solid Edge the decision was made to create a hands on test drive tutorial.

Our challenge was to create the tutorial interface in such a way that the user would be able to install a 30-day trial version of the Solid Edge CAD software and have the tutorial “overlay” the application. The tutorial would include a four-step lesson plan, a live CAD data set to work with, video clips of the software in action, and some cool sidebar elements to make the user experience fun as well as profitable.

The challenge was met at every level with this example of a hands-on experience that engaged the user and answered all the questions they may have had about the power and usability of Solid Edge 3D Modeling and Engineering software.

View Solid Edge Test Drive Demo Video

Another part of this project included creating a few videos designed to add a little edgy fun to the real work contained in the tutorials.

In this video we introduce the Razor Scooter with a montage of stunt riders doing their thing at a skateboard park. Don't try this at home.

Solid Edge Dare to Compare Video
View Test Drive Screenshots

it's only funny until someone gets hurt… then it's hilarious!

In this set of four "shorts" we feature the "competition" and what a user can expect to happen as they stumble along the product development path using less than the best software applications. Things can get out of hand quickly with some explosive results.

Competiton Mini-Video #1
Competiton Mini-Video #2
Competiton Mini-Video #3
Competiton Mini-Video Ending