Siemens Multi-Device Product Tours

One product. Three Platforms.

Your company has an important product and service story to tell and RTP can help you tell it dynamically on several platforms.

When Siemens Healthcare came to us with their laboratory product tours they were simple web based pages with key navigation and component images of the products and the software they used; all prepared in keeping with the Siemens Corporate brand.

RTP then set about to create a formula whereby each tour could appear not only on the web but on multiple platforms and displays.

For their tradeshows we created a large format HD presentations that run on 50 inch plasma touch screens. These large touch displays allow sales and marketing product managers to present their product’s features and benefits to prospects right there on the tradeshow floor, while saving the company thousands of dollars in shipping and set-up costs for the instruments our programs replace. 

Using the same core program we then created smaller sized versions of the same product tour, one each for the web, the PC desktop and ultimately for the iPad tablet. Android is next! 

Siemens continues to use RTP’s cost saving solutions to bring their latest products to market.

View the Siemens Product Tours for Web

View iPad Product Tours Screenshots