Tecnomatix Interactive

Tecnomatix Rich Media Product Demonstration, Marketing Collateral Presentation, and CMS

Siemens PLM Software is a global leader in the development and delivery of world-class engineering software tools. Their comprehensive offering includes CAD, CAM, CAE, Finite Element Analysis, Data Management and Digital Manufacturing tools for manufacturers and product developers world wide.

RTP has been working with members of the Siemens PLM Software Marketing and Business Development teams for over eight years. It was through this relationship and hands on experience with the CAD world that we were asked by Tom Hoffman of Siemens Tecnomatix Digital Manufacturing Suite to create a new rich media marketing tool. The presentation would need to include a high level product introduction and DM demonstration as well as a marketing asset and collateral delivery mechanism. The challenge was to create a compelling and memorable marketing tool that touched upon all the key messages associated with this complex market as well as create a deliverable that could be run from a CD-ROM and also as a live web program.

Working closely with the client RTP was able to use a digital manufacturing metaphor to present the depth and breadth of the Tecnomatix suite.

The Story Behind The Story

The companies that use Tecnomatix DM Tools are companies that own, operate or design factories. Tecnomatix is used by companies that build automobiles and other transportation products, computer driven milling machines and other assembly machinery and even companies that bottle and ship cases of Cabernet. We took the Cabernet tour and it tasted great.

“In order to depict the ‘simulation’ environment we wanted to convey the idea of ‘if you can imagine your product TX can make it a reality’. We brought the viewer into an empty building and used mirage imagery to take them from the imagination phase into the manufacturing phase visually.” Jeff Flynn • Creative Director

To represent the power and depth of the Tecnomatix DM Suite we used several technologies and traditional techniques to effectively tell the TX story. Tom Hoffman was clear, “These guys are shop floor guys who make things. This has to speak to manufacturers who are looking for new ways to cut costs and be more efficient at every opportunity.” The client supplied us with hours of video footage from which we hand selected specific clips to help tell the full Tecnomatix story.

“By using some appropriate client supplied customer video assets and screen capture video of the software in action we were able to clearly define the connection between the digital design environment and the actual factory “shop floor” setting our prospective customer lives and works in every day. Coupling that with a tight script and creative animations we were able to hit all the targets in one comprehensive interactive, rich media presentation.” Joe Tatulli, RTP

Services • Technologies

3D Robot Modeling and Animation for Introduction and Interface Design
3D Building Model Animation for Introduction
Story Telling Copywriting for Audio Scripts and On Screen Text
Video Editing and Animation
Flash® Programming and Implementation
Interface Design
Custom CMS for Asset Additions and Deletions
Audio Production for Voice and Music
Translation and Local Audio for Seven Localized Versions

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