Specialty Solutions

Getting things done is at the very core of who we are and what we do. Our clients count on us as trusted advisors to help them discern what their targeted messages should be and how best to deliver them. They also rely on our keen knowledge of both college and pro football to help them pick all the winners on their weekly handicap card. Okay…You get the idea.

So after we help our best clients solve some of their toughest marketing problems they will often want to brainstorm with us on other internal and external marketing concerns they may have that don’t fit neatly under the traditional list of ad agency departments.

With this level of collaboration come opportunities to explore new ground. Projects like the Channel Partners Pocket Portal and the Healthcare Touchscreen fall under this category. Working closely in a trusting collaborative relationship can produce some amazing results. Take a look.

Move Over Fred Flintstone!


How do you take a large complex machine used in mining and construction applications and make it play nice with modern trade show demonstrations and web technology? Read More >

How 'bout a Little Push


Starting with a simple “push” concept RTP designed and created the Pocket Portal Super Widget.  Read More >

A Healing Touch


Touch technology is everywhere. Just think iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Now we want you to think BIG!  Read More >