Cross Alert Systems Ad

Hindsight is 20/20

The Cross Alert System is a motion activated, solar powered, radio controlled early warning device for intersections where bike paths cross public and other roadways. The idea that a cost effective Cross Alert installation can keep a future accident from happening inspired the theme: “Hindsight: 20/20. Foresight: Cross Alert”. A working installation at a local intersection in Warren, RI was used for the location shoot. Photography from that shoot was used in ads and brochures and is still being used to this day almost five years later. Did I hear someone say, "My Oh My ROI."

"The key to the strategy for Cross Alert Systems was to show the device in action, even in the static medium of print. We were very careful to depict an actual installation where the viewer was engaged by the image and got the feel of what the system application looked like in the field as well as the sense that it preformed as advertised. I believe we hit the nail on the head." Joe Tatulli, RTP

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