Video & Motion Graphics

Digital Storytelling

Everyone has a story they want to tell. Some of our client's stories are simple and others are more complex. Some stories are for an internal audience such as a global sales meeting or product launch while others are customer facing where the target audience is shopping for a gift from their desktop at home or for engineering software for new product development from their corner office at work.

From our experience, even a complex story can be clearly and simply told in a way that resonates with the target audience. At RTP we not only listen to your story, but strive to fully understand your target audience so they will hear your story and take action. Whatever the story, and whatever the audience, we always approach it with creativity and commitment.

SIEMENS Healthcare IT Solutions


SIEMENS Healthcare wanted to illustrate their comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions at the customer theater within their tradeshow booth. The original video displayed on a wall that was a 24' wide by 8' wide glass structure. We worked with them to later produce a version for desktop presentation. This version of the video features the same content repurposed at a standard HD aspect. Read More >

Tecnomatix Driving Productivity


Repurposing assets is a great way to increase client side ROI and also help introduce new prospects and existing customers to the key marketing messages tied to a major version upgrade and launch. The Driving Productivity launch video accomplishes both of these assignments. Using the video assets from the main introduction video,, we presented the Ten Steps to Greater Productivity being delivered in Tecnomatix 9. Read More·>

NX 5 Launch Video


The video introduces the major obstacles to INNOVATION faced by today's product development and manufacturing companies as they work hard to get their products to market. The obstructions faced by today's global companies like complicated software, legacy data, underpowered tools and unresponsive systems are removed by the Greater Power of NX5. Read More >