DataXu Programmatic Marketing 101

DataXu’s programmatic marketing software enables marketers to build stronger brands in a digital world, leveraging data and analytics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies.DX0

  • Understand your customers
  • Engage consumers at every point in the customer journey
  • Optimally manage your marketing investments

The DataXu platform is engineered to turn data into insight and action resulting in an excellent ROI for digital marketing dollars spent.

Making sense of the intricacies of how this all works in millisecond real time was the essence of the Demystifying Programmatic Marketing video animation project. Starting with broad brush approach we worked closely with the client to outline the platform's process and then apply that to a typical buyers journey. Using simple illustrations of everyday objects we carefully explained how the complex math that runs in the background of DataXu's platform helps deliver anonymous but highly qualified leads through the firms proprietary targeting and digital ad bidding and buying system.

Click here to view the Demystifying Programmatic Marketing video animation on the DataXu website