NX 5 Launch Video

For the Greater Power of NX5 launch video we used a simple hand metaphor.

The video introduces the major obstacles to INNOVATION faced by today's product development and manufacturing companies as they work hard to get their products to market. The obstructions faced by today's global companies like Complicated Software, Legacy Data, Underpowered Tools and Unresponsive Systems are removed by the Greater Power of NX5.

The Greater Power of Five video features AVI footage of the new software in action and is complimented by a tight script that features the four Greater Powers of Productivity, Flexibility, Coordination and Strength.

The Greater Powers theme carried through to NX6 where Siemens PLM Software used the RTP creative team to write design and produce a full interactive multimedia program.

The “Greater Powers” theme utilized “corporate acrobats” in the Cirque de Soleil style. Using supplied still imagery from the client the RTP team animated the players and the message into a fully interactive web and CD-ROM program. Each of the Greater Powers was exemplified by a different acrobat or acrobat duo, each used as a metaphor for the greater flexibility, productivity, strength, coordination and confidence users can expect with Siemens NX6 engineering software.

“Adding motion to invigorate customer interest is always a challenge. We work very hard and hopefully succeed at presenting our client’s key messages to prospects in way that is both memorable and compelling. We also do this by creating a marketing tool that looks as good and works as well as the software products our clients want to bring to the marketplace.” Jeff Flynn, RTP

View the NX5 Launch Video

View the NX6 Rich Media Interactive Campaign-English