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In today's intense and very fast paced hospital environment accuracy, efficiency and the speedy delivery of critical information is key to the most basic function of the medical profession, that being saving lives and providing the best in all health care solutions.

Point of Care testing and analysis happen in numerous places in today's busy hospitals. All that information needs to be seen by attending physicians and nurses and tracked patient by patient so diagnosis and care solutions can be made accurately and quickly. In the past doctors had to travel by foot from floor to floor to visit various labs and analysis stations at different places around a hospital campus.

Today, Siemens Healthcare IT Solutions integrates the information gathered from various places into a comprehensive Data Management System that can be accessed from a single workstation right in a Doctor's office.

In this video animation RTP tells the Clinitek Status POC Urinalysis and RAPIDComm® Data Management story.

Siemens Healthcare Clinitek Video

Communicating the diagnostics story is also at the heart of "The Wall" trade show touch screen program.

Touch technology is everywhere. Just think iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Even some HP and other displays now come with a touch sensitive surface. Now we want you to think BIG! 

The Story Behind the Story

At RTP we have taken touch to a whole new level. Imagine a kiosk with three 46” plasma touch screens (our client calls it “the wall”) at a trade show where the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics sales team is able to walk through a dynamic presentation with a client group to help them understand the depth and breadth of instruments in their line, what tests or assays those instruments can perform, and even provide a comparison of any set of instruments that a client may want to compare. The design is simple and straight forward providing any user with easy access to all the information they need. Flash® provides the basis of the interactivity which uses data from several external sources to provide the rich media experience the touch screen provides.

“Everyone loves ‘the wall’. It’s easy to use and it puts the capability of a custom presentation literally at your fingertips.” Joe Tatulli, RTP

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