Siemens Healthcare - IT Solutions Video

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics designs and manufactures some of the world's finest medical lab instruments. From small counter top instruments to full, high volume hospital labs Siemens provides medical professionals with testing instruments and reagents for literally thousands of chemical tests required to diagnose patients conditions and make critical decisions every day.

At any given moment the results of a specific test and the decisions made based on those results can be the difference between life and death. That's where Siemens Diagnostics IT Solutions steps in.

In this compelling video RTP literally connects the dots as test results are captured, correlated, and delivered to the doctors who will make the critical care decisions for an ER patient. Siemens IT Solutions also combines this lab information with results captured with Siemens Imaging instruments providing medical teams with the information they need to make life saving critical care decisions quickly and accurately.

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