Tecnomatix Driving Productivity Video

Repurposing assets is a great way to increase client side ROI and also help introduce new prospects and existing customers to the key marketing messages tied to a major version upgrade and launch.

The Driving Productivity launch video accomplishes both of these assignments. Using the video assets from the beginning of the Main Introduction video, part of the larger multimedia program, we presented the Ten Steps to Greater Productivity being delivered in Tecnomatix 9. The video was used for the new version launch and then integrated into the Tecnomatix multimedia program. It introduced the new Driving Productivity section with its new set of collateral assets that included analyst's appraisal videos, customer success videos and product demonstration videos, along with new White Papers, Fact Sheets and Brochures.

Tecnomatix Driving Productivity Launch Video

Here's a link to the entire Tecnomatix Interactive Multimedia Program

Working closely with Tecnomatix the RTP team was able to use a digital manufacturing metaphor to present the depth and breadth of the Tecnomatix suite in English and seven localized languages including this version in Japanese.

Tecnomatix Rich Media Interactive Campaign-English

Tecnomatix Rich Media Interactive Campaign-Japanese

"To best showcase the depth and power of the Tecnomatix Suite we juxtaposed what an engineer would see while using the software interface with video of the actual shop floor in action. It was a simple yet powerful demonstration of digital manufacturing in the real world." Joe Tatulli, RTP