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Your website needs a strategy for success

Every company wants a great website that works, but not every company can clearly define just what that means. By asking the right questions and carefully listening to your responses RTP will discover what works best for you and return to the table with a clear plan of action.

The Brennan Oil website was designed with a particular customer in mind: the residential homeowner who uses the internet to get information, make purchases and pay bills. A Brennan Oil customer can activate an online account in moments and then use the website’s secure server to make payments easily and at any time.

The new website, www.brennanoil.com, went online in October 2004. During the initial staff training period, publicity for the site was limited to a simple statement in monthly customer invoices. Since then, site traffic has exceeded all expectations. Online customer sign-ups reached 30% of the goal in just over three months, and the number is still growing. Phone time and other administrative efforts can now be redirected to other customer service needs. An email list is being compiled for timely messages, promotions and news. Company communications can be immediately posted online or e-mailed. And the theme, “We’re in Your Neighborhood”, can easily and consistently be cross-marketed to other media, such as direct mail, print ads, and broadcast as needed.

“When you talk about web development it’s never just about the cost. It’s about the marriage of quality and value, and making an investment in a digital profit center for
your business.”

Joe Tatulli,
Read Tatulli & Purdy, Inc.

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