M is for Motorcycles

Yeah, That's How We Roll.

Joe Tatulli has a passion for life. One of the ways he lives out that passion is with two hands firmly gripping his BMW K1200 Touring motorcycle.

As any rider will tell you, there's nothing like the rush of exhileration and freedom that you feel when you are cruising on a bike. Most would also testify to the bolt of anxienty that is experienced when an oblivious motorist cuts into your path.

Both of these sensations were the impetous for Joe to create the M4MOTO™ campaign, a motorcycle safety and awareness community whose badge is a highly visible 3M® Scotchlite™ sticker designed to raise awareness for motorcycle riders and all other motorists alike. 

Joe has seen much of historic New England from this perch of freedom and has also ventured down south to Virginia. His future plans include a cross-county ride for charity in 2015.

Click here to view the M4MOTO website